Salix Ecology

Salix Ecology is an ecological consultancy covering London and the south-east. We specialise in surveys and training for ecologists. We are known for providing an impartial, objective and cost effective service for all our clients.


We specialise in botanical and habitat surveys including Preliminary Ecological Appraisals, Phase One Surveys, National Vegetation Classification (NVC or Phase 2) surveys and habitat monitoring. We have experience in complex, large scale surveys. For example in 2016 we carried out a borough-wide survey of the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham and a National Vegetation Classification (NVC) survey of Richmond Park National Nature Reserve. We also have considerable experience in developing nature conservation management plans for nature reserves and other sites.

Drone mapping and aerial photography

We often use drones to produce highly accurate habitat maps.
By flying over a site at a set altitude we take a series of overlapping images to create an orthomosaic photo. This is a series of individual photos which are 'stitched' together to form a new composite image consisting of all the smaller ones.

The result is a high resolution image which can be used to accurately  measure areas and distances. The advantages of drone imagery over satellite photos include:

  • Much higher resolution - habitats can usually be picked out by eye
  • Up to date - satellite photos may be years out of date
  • Cost  effective
  • Environmentally friendly


We have developed a training programme designed for ecologists which includes two masterclasses for the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM)

Our 2018/19 programme of training includes:

  • Train the Trainer for Ecologists
  • Introduction to Protected Species Law and Policy
  • Introduction to Phase One Habitat Survey
  • Grasses for Phase One Habitat Survey
  • QGIS for Ecologists and Environmental Practitioners
  • Intermediate QGIS for Ecologists and Environmental Practitioners

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