Drone Services

For any commercial aerial photography in the UK you are required to meet strict guidelines and have the relevant experience and insurance. Paul Losse of Salix Ecology has:

  • A certificate of competence in Remote Pilot Theoretical Knowledge and General Airmanship
  • A CAA Permission for Commercial Operation (PFCO). This allows operations to be carried out in built up areas
  • Full insurance for aerial work

We use drones to create high resolution site maps, helping to accurately map out habitats. Drone images produce a much higher resolution than aerial photographs such as Google Earth images. For example the resolution of a drone aerial image is typically in the region of 2cm/pixel compared to 1m /pixel for a typical aerial image. Drone images are also up to date whereas commercially available aerial images are often several years old. This means that we can monitor fine-scale changes in habitat distribution over time, for example.

We also produce Digital Terrain models, which clearly show elevation changes not evident in standard photography.